Log in at www.apjsteels.co.uk:2096
Your username is your email address and your password is the password issued to you.
In webmail you can change your password, set autoreplies, and forward email in your account menu in the top right corner.

Web site portal

To log in and change content in the web site portal go to Admin
Your username is InitialSurname (eg: JBloggs) and your password is the password issued to you.

1.1 In the Admin page on the left column is the gallery images with the file location of the thumbnail and the original image below.
1.2 To add new images in the centre column of the Admin page click Choose File below Upload Image: and select an image file then click Upload.
1.3 To remove an image tick the checkboxes of unwanted images below Delete Images: then click Delete Selected.
2.1 To make changes to web pages click on the appropriate heading.
2.2 In the editor are features to help you create quality pages and text.

2.3 You can Cancel at any time by clicking the Cancel button or by selecting a different item in the Edits Menu.
2.4 Menu explanation:

  1. Will change the view to HTML source code eg: <b>text</b> will create text.
  2. Save button so you can pick up your edits any time.
  3. Creates a new page. This works in conjuction with item 53.
  4. Preview your edit before saving or updating website.
  5. Print the page you have created.
  6. Templates. Invoke a change of page layout.
  7. Cut selected.
  8. Paste selected.
  9. Paste from another Windows program as formatted.
  10. Paste from another Windows program as plain text.
  11. Create a page in Word then paste from Word into the web page editor.
  12. Undo your changes. (Remembers up to 20 changes).
  13. Redo your changes. (Remembers up to 20 changes).
  14. Find item in your page editor.
  15. Make multiple replacements such as multiple spec changes in the specification table.
  16. Select all.
  17. Run spell checker. Has UK dictionary and punctuation and a thesaurus.
  18. Spell check as you type.
  19. Add a form eg: do you like: Eggs  Bacon  Sausages  
  20. Form checkbox eg:
  21. Form radio button eg:
  22. Form text field eg:
  23. Form text area eg:
  24. Form text wrap eg: as above but is not an input field.
  25. Form selection field eg:
  26. Form button eg:
  27. Form button using an image eg:
  28. Form hidden field - used to send data or metadata to yourself that you do not want the reader to see.
  29. Bold text eg: Bold text.
  30. Italicised text.
  31. Underline text eg: Underline text. Any combination of all three can be used.
  32. Strikeout text eg: Strikethrough text.
  33. Subscript eg: SUBScript.
  34. Superscript eg: SUPScript.
  35. Remove formatting. Will make text as plain text; removing highlights etc..
  36. Numbered list eg:
    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
  37. Bullet Points eg:
    • Item 1
    • Item 2
  38. Decrease indent on paragraph.
  39. Increase indent on paragraph.
  40. Blockquote eg:
    The facilities for advanced education must be evened out and multiplied.
    No one who can take advantage of a higher education should be denied this chance.
    You cannot conduct a modern community
  41. Align text left.
  42. Centre text.
  43. Align text right.
  44. Justify text.
  45. Hyperlink eg: Hyperlink.
  46. Undo hyperlink. Select hyperlinked text then click Unhyper button.
  47. Anchor. Like hyperlink but moves to another section in the current page.
  48. Add image to page. You can get the image location from the images section at the bottom of the editor page.
  49. Add table. A table example is the specification table.
  50. HR element eg: __________________________________________________________________
  51. Insert special character eg: # @ ½
  52. Insert page break. Not visible on the webpage but creates breaks for printing. Makes web page printer friendly.
  53. Insert iFrame. Create iFrame to display the new webpage created using item 3. The editor you are using is in a frame.
  54. Styles. Creates quick styling eg: A Bit  Like THIS
  55. Format. Changes the formatting eg: Like This
  56. Font. Changes the font family eg: Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica. Note: for printing purposes only. The website is pre-formatted.
  57. Size. Changes the font size.
  58. Text color. Changes the text colour eg: RED BLUE GREEN
  59. Background color. Highlights text eg: We are a steel stockholders
  60. Max size. Changes the editor to full screen.
  61. Show blocks. Borders the edited text so you can see easily how it is laid out.